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MAGNATEC 10W40A3/B4 20X500ML

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Magnatec 10W40 A3/B4 20x500ml is a high-quality motor oil specifically designed to provide instant protection and superior performance. Its intelligent molecules cling to engine parts, offering continuous protection and reducing wear during start-up and stop-and-go driving.


Magnatec 10W40 A3/B4 20x500ml is a premium motor oil meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and instant protection for your engine. With its advanced formulation and unique properties, this motor oil provides superior lubrication, reduced wear, and enhanced engine efficiency.

One of the key features of Magnatec 10W40 A3/B4 20x500ml is its intelligent molecules that actively cling to critical engine parts. This clinging action creates a protective layer that remains on the engine surfaces, even when the engine is off. This provides immediate protection during start-up and stop-and-go driving, where the majority of engine wear occurs. The result is minimized wear and tear, allowing your engine to perform optimally and prolonging its lifespan.

Formulated with a balanced blend of high-quality base oils and advanced additives, Magnatec 10W40 A3/B4 20x500ml offers exceptional lubrication and reduced friction. It minimizes wear on vital engine components, such as pistons, camshafts, and bearings, ensuring smooth operation and maximizing engine longevity.

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Toyota Auris 2006 - 2018
Toyota Avensis 2000 - 2018
Toyota Camry 2000 - 2023
Toyota Corolla 2000 - 2023
Toyota Fortuner 2005 - 2023
Toyota Hiace 2000 - 2023
Toyota Highlander 2000 - 2023
Toyota Hilux 2000 - 2023
Toyota Land Cruiser 2000 - 2023
Toyota Prado 2000 - 2023
Toyota Prius 2000 - 2023
Toyota Rav 4 2000 - 2023
Toyota Sequoia 2000 - 2023
Toyota Sienna 2000 - 2023
Toyota Tacoma 2000 - 2023
Toyota Vitz 2000 - 2023
Toyota Yaris 2000 - 2023
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